momoiro clover z - lost child (noisia remix) artwork


momoiro clover z - lost child (noisia remix) artwork

new rl grime’s massive


Porter Robinson “Lionhearted” music video featuring Elleanor, Essy, Feral Creature, Jennifer & Zoe. Styling of the girls in the video was done by Elleanor!!!

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Madeaux - Epinephrine (Feat. Gallant)

Madeaux's comeback is followed by one of the best twisted R&B songs of 2014. The Miami based producer uses Gallant's sensual vocals at its maximum force while the synth, tribal, sweeping, powerful and futuristic production could cause some serious thrills on its hearing! Epinephrine could easily launch Madeaux's status into stardom and origins the surrealistic idea him producing a Frank Ocean song!!! It’s a wish to hold on to……

I love soundinjections. Seriously. I wish more blogs would review the music itself versus just putting together some default biographical info. Thank you!