Madeaux - Epinephrine (Feat. Gallant)

Madeaux's comeback is followed by one of the best twisted R&B songs of 2014. The Miami based producer uses Gallant's sensual vocals at its maximum force while the synth, tribal, sweeping, powerful and futuristic production could cause some serious thrills on its hearing! Epinephrine could easily launch Madeaux's status into stardom and origins the surrealistic idea him producing a Frank Ocean song!!! It’s a wish to hold on to……

I love soundinjections. Seriously. I wish more blogs would review the music itself versus just putting together some default biographical info. Thank you!

the official revolusion video from elliphant is out now and if you haven’t already, you can download the full song here.

the “look like you love it” ep is out april 1st on mad decent.



heeeey long time no see!

sorry for my absence guys but i think in the future i’ll just blog about music here on tumblr when it’s really worth it, where i can take my time and really write something good and interesting about an artist/song or when i found an LP/EP you just have to hear.

this isn’t the right place for everyday music stuff so i’m just gonna put the big things on here, hope you’re not disappointed or anything!


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and check out ben khan above!!! he has a video to every song here.

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let me present to you another re-imagination from until the ribbon breaks! pure pleasure to my ears.

you can watch the video to the song here.


i know i’ve already blogged about him but i have to post this. it’s just.. this guy is insanely talented and i think he deserves waaay more attention.


i’m super happy for UTRB because when you have the opportunity to remix something from a popular guy like sam smith it’s a massive push and the result is simply amazing. it was uploaded to the official sam smith soundcloud page three days ago!

the only bad thing is that there’s no release date yet.

you can get his newest ep a taste of silver on itunes or download it for free here.


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space ost - 0.5 x 313


lucky me records are giving away one track for free every day until christmas - this is no. 4.

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and the good thing is you can download them at their website for free!

hope you’re enjoying this music as much as i do!


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